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About Us

Al-Fitrah Foundation is a faith-based organization that uses spiritual tools to provide acceptance and healing to the queer Muslim community. It aims to address the injustices perpetrated in the name of Islam against queer Muslims. Al-Fitrah Foundation used to be know as The Inner Circle. It strategically changed its name to Al-Fitrah Foundation in May 2017.

Origin of Al-Fitrah Foundation’s name:  Al-Fitrah Foundation took its name from an Arabic word ‘fitrah’ meaning 'natural disposition, primordial human nature and instinct.’ It speaks directly to the essence of the work of Al-Fitrah Foundation which is to bring souls back to its innateness; a celebration of our natural state with all its colours, complexities and dualities.

The work of Al-Fitrah Foundation : The work of the organization is about balancing the contradictions that lie between our dual states of form (body & mind) and essence (spirit). Al-Fitrah Foundation works at each of the levels of body, mind and spirit, with an overarching emphasis on the spirit, since it believes that human beings are primarily souls having a physical experience.

Philosophical Framework : 
Spirituality is displaced when it is not housed within a structured framework, such as what most religions ought to provide. Al-Fitrah works within an Islamic framework; enabling Muslims to reconcile their faith with their diverse and queer identities. 

At a community level, Al-Fitrah seeks to raise levels of consciousness within the Muslim community around the harm caused when souls move away from their ‘fitrah’, which leads to marginalisation, discrimination and systemic violence.

About The Team

As a Non-Profit organisation, Al-Fitrah Foundation has no shareholders. Its Board of Directors is the highest governing structures. Board meetings are held every quarter. Board members represent expertise in a wide range of areas of key importance to the strategic focus and direction of Al-Fitrah Foundation, including Finance, Leadership, Islamic Knowledge and Skills, Governance and Law.

We have several volunteers that support us at our events, in our programmes and support in the office

Nicole Joy Alexander


Lucille February

Business System Support

Dalitso (Peter) Mtengula

Chef & Logistics Support

Partners and Donors


Phone: +27 21 761 0037

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